Increase your healthspan not just your lifespan

When it comes to Health and Wellness, we believe it's all about quality, functionality and fulfilment.

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Committed to a healthy life


$255.00 per week
  • Revitalise and motivate you on your journey towards optimal health
  • Nourishes your mind, body and spirit
  • Provides tools, knowledge, and support for a positive change in your life
  • Thrive in 31 days
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Commitment Catalyst

$450.00 per week
  • Support and structure to maintain consistent progress
  • Personalised guidance and accountability check-ins
  • Clear objectives and an actionable, tailored plan
  • Regular progress assessments
  • Limited spots available
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$550.00 per week
  • Take charge of your health and enjoy a fulfilling life
  • Three-month health coaching program
  • Regular one-on-one sessions provide guidance, support, and accountability
  • Structured around your 'ideal blueprint'
  • Limited monthly intakes
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Master the Body and the Mind

Founded by Tory Trewhitt (Exercise Physiologist) in 2001, The Health Blokes mission is to help you increase your healthspan not just your lifespan. When it comes to Health and Wellness, Tory believes it's all about quality, functionality and fulfilment. For decades, Tory has been preaching that ‘consistency is key', and for good reason.

Having been in the industry for over 20 years Tory has the unique ability to get the best out of clients just like you, and has witnessed over and over the positive outcomes that come with a consistent and measured approach to wellbeing. Whether assisting you to recover from knee, shoulder or hip replacement, to elite high performance coaching, or assisting corporate executives reduce their employees health risk, Tory and The Health Bloke team will tailor a program to suit your personal, club, team or businesses needs and goals.

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Virtual Personal Training

The Health Bloke Online

Virtual Personal Training

In today's busy and ever changing world, Virtual Personal Training has rapidly become a very popular training modality offering the ultimate in time efficiency and convenience. Virtual Personal training can be done from anywhere around the world. The Health Bloke offers ZOOM VPT for any clients needing that extra element of motivation without the in-person contact. VPT is a very popular service offering for Corporate Executives that are time poor or traveling a lot

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